Bombay Sapphire Gin

Gin’s Bad Rap

Recently I have been enjoying a bottle of Nolet’s Silver Gin that was gifted to me. It’s made in Holland and features the unique ingredients of peach, Turkish Rose, and raspberries. With a bottle that just radiates class and quality, not to mention a lid that could hold a door open.

And it compels me to share this unpopular not so secret secret…

I like Gin.

Now, anyone that knows me, understands that I favor nearly all forms of alcohol. I believe that every genre can be good, and that my preference for a drink is always dependent on the moment.

But gin always ranks high on my list, and a few bottles of this botanical nectar always have spots in my collection. But I have found that is not the most popular thing in our store. Even the suggestion of gin can cause an outward expression of confusion, and criticism from some.

While everyone can and should drink their own beverage of choice, I have three reasons why you should try gin:

  • It was practically flavored vodka before flavored vodka. Making of gin dates back hundreds of years, well before rows of vodkas flavored with vanilla, citrus, coconut, and pear appeared. There to provide patrons with the floral smells and the fruity tastes they desired. Gin adds simple and natural yet elegant flavors to your cocktail or glass. Depending on what you are looking for, the variety of flavors in gin is endless. Gompers gin from Redmond, OR for me tastes like biting into a ripe, fresh pear, which blends extremely well with iced tea or tonic water/club soda. Big Gin from Seattle, WA tastes to me of vanilla and baking spices. They even have versions that were finished in peated whiskey barrels. If you like mixing vodka, you should really consider the gin aisle for a more natural flavor.
  • Whiskey lovers who seek depth and layers of flavors in their drinks should seek out gin. If you have ever taken a sip of whiskey and broke down the tasting notes using words like “nuttiness” or “burnt caramel,” then you owe it to yourself to dive into gin. Many good gins are layered with unique botanicals and fruity flavors that take multiple tastings to uncover. And if you want to keep it close to whiskey home, find the barrel aged gin from Big Gin or go for the Monkey 47, a German gin with a molasses distilled base that has 47 botanicals in it. Either way, gin provides a greater tasting challenge to whiskey lovers than most whiskeys.
  • It goes with anything. As a whiskey lover, I have a special place in my collection for ryes. But during the summer months when the temperature is high and the forest fire smoke invades Central Oregon, I find that my rye (and peated) whiskeys take to waiting in the back of the shelves. And that’s when I reach most frequently for the gin, it’s light, it’s crisp and it makes the best summer weather drinks.