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Coffee Nudge

If you like coffee, and you like booze, try this amazingly wintry concoction!

Hot Toddy Recipe

If you like whiskey, and don’t like being cold, I have the remedy to your ailment. A Hot Toddy makes the dreariest of winter days a tad more manageable!

Barrel Picks

Barrel picks are sweeping the whiskey and liquor world; find out why you need to try them as soon as possible.

Drink Rum

With these words, I will attempt to convert all non-believers, and I will try to share what makes rum unique and worthwhile.

Your Momma Wants Whiskey for Mother’s Day

I’ve been a whiskey drinker since alcohol first (legally!!) passed my lips, nearly 100 years now! Often greeted with raised eyebrows by bartenders and dates alike, I have been passionate about scotch since the ‘90’s.

Mexican Mule Recipe

This variation on the famous Moscow Mule is spicy and refreshing, with flavors of citrus and ginger.