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Drinking Guide from a Chronic Dieter

Since my age was in double digits I have been counting calories, carbs, points, metrics, or whatever the diet de jour happened to be. Coming from a long line of fat people, along with a less than perky metabolism, has led me down the road of consistently watching my waistline. I long ago made the decision to only drink calories if they included alcohol, so no sugary mixers for this girl! After my 10,000th vodka soda, I was left wanting more. Read on and I will impart all the chubby girl wisdom I posses to you.

All classic spirits are 64 calories per ounce. We are talking whiskey, gin, rum or vodka. No cordials or extra flavors. Higher end flavored vodkas are fine like Absolut,  Stoli or Ketel One Botanicals to name a few. But nearly all other flavors of vodka and rum are sugar bombs, adding significantly to your calorie count. Another sneaky source of unwanted calories is tonic water. But thankfully we carry diet tonic water from Schweppes and Naturally Lite Tonic from Fever Tree to side step that potential pitfall. Some may argue that clear spirits are “cleaner” but the calories are the same regardless of choice, so I recommend drinking what is the most delicious to you.

Mixers can be the enemy to any calorie counter, but there are plenty of products now to battle the bulge. I am a huge mule fan, and love Cock and Bull or Bundaberg Diet Ginger Beer for a nearly guilt free indulgence. Diet soda or soda water is always a good choice as well. Baja Bob’s makes a full line of sugar free mixers that are darn tasty! I have searched in vain for a mixer made with a more natural sweetener like stevia that is worth drinking, but have struck out so far, despite my best efforts, but will continue my search.

Finally, I suggest embracing drinking your booze strait. A fine scotch like Oban or a whiskey such as Bib and Tucker are simply delicious all on their own without the need for mixer. Clase Azul Reposado tequila is likewise an amazing sipper. No chance of pesky extra calories sneaking in if you don’t mess with a mixer!

I strongly believe that any diet should include the occasional indulgence or celebration, so why not be smart about your choices?

La Hefa

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