Your Momma Wants Whiskey for Mother’s Day

How Gender Culture is Changing on Whiskey and the Spirit’s Feminist Roots.

I’ve been a whiskey drinker since alcohol first (legally!!) passed my lips, nearly 100 years now! Often greeted with raised eyebrows by bartenders and dates alike, I have been passionate about scotch since the ‘90’s. Luckily my budget has increased since then, giving me the opportunity to expand my whiskey portfolio, as has owning Trailhead Liquor.  In recent years, I’ve noticed a trend that sophisticated lady whiskey drinkers is absolutely the norm. It’s about time!

Sometime in the ’90’s

Did you know that ladies were at the helm of the original whiskey production? The first documented still was created by a lady alchemist in 4th century Egypt. As we know, alchemy is the science of turning base metals into gold, or creating a universal elixir. But turning malt into the amazing potion of whiskey is pretty darn close!  Likewise, throughout the middle ages, women were distillers and brewers until societal hobbling, accusations of witchcraft, and bigotry crept in making it illegal for women to be near alcohol. This followed by 100’s of years of gentlemen’s clubs, whiskey eventually became known as a man’s drink. Women exacted their revenge with the Temperance Movement and eventually Prohibition.  The whiskey market has been growing by leaps and bounds in recent years, and women make up 40% of whiskey drinkers.

Females have been instrumental forces in brands like Laphroaig, High West, Michter’s, Maker’s Mark and locally, Freeland.

If you aren’t sure about whiskey, I highly suggest going to a local restaurant with a decent list (The Stihl Whiskey Bar and Pine Tavern are good choices) or a tasting event and give it a shot! Ha! See what I did there? I am also a part of a ladies whiskey club. Each month, the host provides a bottle for the group to try. Not a hint of pretentiousness exists when among curious girlfriends.

Here are a couple great articles for overview of whiskeys…

A Comprehensive Beginners Guide to Whiskey
Whiskey for Beginners

Not sure what mom would like? Here are a few of my favorites in each category…


Single Malt: Oban or Dalwhennie

Blended: Monkey Shoulder


Red Breast





American Whiskey:

Woodford Reserve


Michter’s Straight Rye (Michter’s, Pam became the first woman since Prohibition to serve as Master Distiller!)


Henry McKenna 10 (hard to get so always buy when you see it!)

Bib and Tucker

Local Fav and Women Owned Distillery

Freeland Bourbon

Any Trailhead Liquor staff member can help you select the perfect whiskey for mom, so stop by today!

La Jefa

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