Trailhead Liquor Bend Oregon
Trailhead Liquor Staff Bend Oregon
Angela Chisum Trailhead Liquor


Owner/General Manager

After many years of drinking, Angela thought the natural next step was to open a liquor store, which is super easy to do in the State of Oregon! She is very persnickety. She also knows 90% of Bend and may or may not be losing her mind. Angela loves all things outdoors, especially hiking and backpacking. Check out the photos in the store that have all come from her adventures!

Cocktail: Sazerac
Bottle: Bib and Tucker Whiskey
Phrase: "WTH?"

Hayden Brown Trailhead Liquor


Assistant Manager

Hayden is a charismatic guy who is especially great with all the hobos. He is passionate about all things whiskey and can help you make the perfect pick for any occasion or cocktail. Hayden likes to cross country ski, study philosophy, listen to weird music he calls "art," and to smoke weed.

Cocktail: Rye Old Fashioned
Bottle: Henry McKenna bottled in bond
Phrase: "Where do you want to stick it?"

Justin Baird Trailhead Liquor


Assistant to the Assistant Manager

Justin is a mysterious guy who once owned cows. He is a student of all things liquor and is nearly an expert in everything but cognac, so don't ask him about that. He is a super solid guy, with a heart of gold, but can be as stubborn as one of those bulls he once owned. He is also passionate about pointing out Angela's typos. Justin likes booze and harassing Stephanie.

Cocktail: Piña Colada
Bottle: George T. Stagg (we hope)
Phrase: "It'll be alright."

Stephanie Villanueva Trailhead Liquor


Master of the Scanner Gun

Stephanie is as lovely as she is efficient. She is fluent in all things geek, and attracts attention from nerds and construction workers alike. She is a local celebrity as the Deschutes River Mermaid. She likes to claim she doesn't drink, and may not know the difference between rum and whiskey. Just kidding, she does now! Stephanie also loves cosplay, D&D, and harassing Justin.

Cocktail: Mexican Mule
Bottle: Mead
Phrase: "You suck!"

Trailhead Liquors Staff Holiday

Trailhead Staff Bowling Gif Bend

Although we take our jobs seriously (we know our stuff), we never take ourselves seriously. So if you hear laughter and ribbing, it's all in good fun because the liquor business IS fun. AND we have genuine affection for each other. We are a true team!

I don't believe in The Secret, but maybe I should! This is the team I envisioned! But in my manifestations, there was more singing.

You Suck! Bend Oregon Trailhead Liquors Staff